Expert’s laurel for superfish prestige

On the 9th of November 2015 in Belweder-Klonowa Palace of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland was held the Final Gala of the first edition of Polish nation-wide Competition and the Programme of Consumer Advice “Expert’s Laurel”.

During the gala the representatives of the Institute of Management and Quality Development, which organizes the Competition, handed over the certificates that confirm granting “Expert’s Laurel” Quality Marks to the representatives of over 80 companies from all over Poland.
These companies introduced to the market the products and services that answer well to the expectations of clients, are distinguishable from competing products and services and have a significant innovative potential. “SUPER FISH PRESTIGE” product line has obtained “Expert’s Laurel” Quality Mark in the category of “Food products – fish products”, obtaining in the course of competition procedure the total of 60 points (out of 60 points available). “SUPER FISH PRESTIGE” product line obtained “Expert’s Laurel” as the only line in the above mentioned category, which is an additional reason for satisfaction.

Moreover, during the ceremony a special award called “Expert’s Laurel – The Best Brand” was handed over. It’s an award received by companies whose products and services have been top ranked by experts (awarded with the highest number of ranking points). In this way the organizers give a privilege to the brands that are the best among the best. We are proud to announce that in the first edition of the Competition the Sign of “Expert’s Laurel – the Best Brand” was granted to the whole product line of “Super Fish Prestige” of GRAAL S.A.