Graal as the founder of prizes for children in

“Run for fish” is an event made especially for those who are keen to spend free time with family, friends as well as for running enthusiasts.

This year the races will be run with the following distances: 5, 10, 15 km and a 5-kilometer Nordic walking. The route for the youngest participants is 100 m and 400 m. The route passes through the hills and charming corners of the Tri-City Landscape Park. The youngest participants may win fish and gifts sponsored by, among others, Graal company.

“Run for fish” is a memorable slogan making people smile and it refers to the region where the competition takes place, that’s why Graal company has so willingly participated in this event. Another advantage for all is we want to create healthy life style habits at the youngest age. Both physical activity and healthy diet are extremely important and for this reason Graal company involves itself for the benefit of all.

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