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As an international company we have a sense of responsibility for the natural environment in which we live.


Within the adopted quality policy we have planned our production process in such a way so as to minimize to the greatest extent the influence of our activity on the natural environment. 


For this purpose we have applied the innovations and the most advanced technical solutions in our factory. Caring about the cleanliness of local waters, Koral company has its own pre-treatment plant. We also have our own heating oil boiler plant which ensures lower emission of CO2 into the atmosphere and the local society has still an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, all the fishing waste that is formed through the process of production of salmon and other fish, is processed into fish meal and then is used by specialized companies for further production. 


Other actions that have a positive influence on the environment and the surroundings undertaken by our company  include:

  • limiting business travels in favour of teleconferences and videoconferences,
  • reduction of print-outs owing to electronic systems of data transferring and circulation of invoices,
  • waste sorting,
  • containers for used batteries and bulbs,
  • encouraging the workers to save water and energy